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The Mourpak Syringe Filler (MSF1) is a compact machine designed to preload syringes with product and cap each syringe.

The MSF1 was initially produced for use in the packaging of veterinary pharmaceutical products, such as de-worming paste fluids, for domestic animals, with horses in mind particularly.

The uses of our MSF1 syringe filler is not limited to the pharmaceutical industry. It also lends itself perfectly for use with food products, including food decoration fluids, and even hobby industries for such products as glues, or other substances where clean dispensing is of advantage.

Automatic Single Head Syringe Filler – for 0.5ml to 300 ml syringe capacity – throughput up to 35 units per minute, depending on size of syring and the type of product.

Features of Syringe Filler

  • Compact design for filling and capping syringes
  • Easy to clean filling components
  • Suitable for sterile manufacturing environment

Syringe Filler – Specifications

The machine is manufactured from Stainless Steel as well as Anodized Aluminium. The filling capacity, can be tailored to suit the customer’s needs, from 0.5 ml to 300 ml, with impressive accuracy.

Syringe Filler Operating Information

In the standard machine, preassembled syringes are loaded in the magazine by the operator, and channeled into the Star-Wheel. The syringes are then indexed to the filling station and then to the capping station. Then drop down into a collection receptor or if required, a labeling machine conveyor.

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