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Mourpak Syringe Filler - MPSF1



Automatic Single Head Precision Syringe Filler - for 3ml to 120 ml syringe capacity - throughput up to 35 units per minute.


Compact design for filling and capping syringes

Easy clean filling components and machine cabinet

Suitable for sterile manufacturing environment




Wetted parts all manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel

Most other parts manufactured from Anodized aluminium

Syringe capacity ranges from 3 ml to 120 ml

Throughput of up to 35 units per minute depending upon size of containers and characteristics of products

Filling accuracy 0.5%.


Operating Information

The syringes are preassembled before they are presented to the MPSF1 filling machine. From there they are manually placed in a magazine from where they are picked up by the MPSF1 star wheel, indexed to the fill station, filled and then further indexed to the capping station where they are capped. The syringes can then be dropped on a conveyor belt to transport them to a labeling machine if desired.


General Information

The Mourpak Precision Syringe Filler (MPSF1) is a compact machine designed to preload syringes with product and cap each syringe.

The MPSF1 was initially produced for use in the packaging of veterinary pharmaceutical products, such as de-worming fluids, for domestic animals, with horses in mind particularly.

The uses of our MPSF1 syringe filler is not limited to the pharmaceutical industry. It also lends itself perfectly for use with food products, including food decoration fluids, and even hobby industries for such products as glues, or other substances where clean dispensing is of advantage.

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