Mourpak Packaging Systems has earned its outstanding reputation by manufacturing a comprehensive line of quality engineered and ruggedly built packaging machines.

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MP4 Series. Four Head.
50 ml to 2 Litres per Head.

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Compact design - Four cylinders mounted vertically in line behind cabinet.
Positive shut-off spool valves suitable for suction lift or gravity supply of
    product to be filled.
Easy handwheel adjustment on cylinders to vary volume dispensed when
    stationary and running.
Individual adjustment on piston rods for fine tuning when required.
Bottom-up fill nozzle assembly easily adjusted by handwheel.
Large range of nozzles including positive shut-off nozzles.
All valves, cylinders and pistons come apart for easy cleaning.
Available with conveyor, capping, labelling and accumulation table.


Wetted parts all manufactured from 316-grade stainless steel.
Easy clean flush front bottom-up fill and machine cabinet.
Product inlet manifolds available - Triclover clamp connections.
Pneumatic and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Standard.
All pneumatic controls available - Suitable for flameproof environments.
Pneumatic automatic gating and Photocell - "No Container - No Fill".
Bottom-up fill adjustable from conveyor level to 300mm high.
Nozzle descent error activates safety switch - Minimizes spillage.
Isolating switches on each cylinder for clean speedy set-up.
Machine mounted on screw levelling jacks or with lockable castors.
Filling capacities range form 30 units to 80 units per minute depending upon
    size of containers and characteristics of products.
Filling accuracy 0.5%.

MP4 Series. Four Head.
50 ml to 2 Litres per Head.