Mourpak Pty Ltd was founded by Ralph Mourad in 1987, following recognition that the first liquid filling machine he designed and built was significantly superior to similar filling machines available from competitors.

Ralph is a very experienced Mechanical Engineer. His broad hands-on metal work experience and innovative, problem-solving designing has resulted in the production of liquid filling machines that consistently outperform competitors.

His past work has included Fitting and Turning in a variety of settings, including maintenance of large mining equipment, as well as maintenance of the production line of a major shampoo producer. His interest and ability in design and his ability to actually produce the machines he designs became evident in this setting, where he was refining and improving the mechanical construction of the filling machines on the production line.

In 1987 Ralph started developing ideas on constructing his own filling machines. It started in his garage in his spare time. He constructed his first automatic four-head liquid filling machine, the MA4 (Mourpak Automatic 4 Heads). The success of this machine included the release of a Logic Board for specific mechanical applications.

His first client showed some interest in his MA4 machine. The machine met with all the specifications required by the client, so the client hired the machine to use in his factory. After extensive testing, it was proved that the MA4 outperformed the client's eight head machine (from another machine manufacturer). The satisfied client bought the machine, thus prompting Ralph to begin full-time production.

Ralph formed Mourpak Pty. Ltd. to formally enter the Packaging Market.


Nobody puts it all together for you like Mourpak Pty Ltd. Whether you need one packaging machine or totally integrated systems, we're the one company that can assure you of industry-leading expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing and installation. Equally important, we follow through with all the remaining pieces: training, complete customer service, and a wealth of packaging advice and know-how.


At every stage of your project - from internal paperwork to design, to customer service through final production - we strive for excellence. It's a spirit of professionalism you'll notice in our people as well as in the workmanship of our finished products.